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27/07/21: Unfortunately, until further notice we are will not be accepting external visitors to our library during this semester. This includes members of the general public and anyone part of the SCONUL Access scheme.  (Please see information from Sconul below). We are sorry for any inconvenience and will update this information once normal business is resumed.

The Library service provides the resources to support learning, teaching and research throughout the University of Winchester. We currently have some 300,000 books, listed on the Library Catalogue. We subscribe to more than 8,000 journals, most of which are available online through the Full Text Finder. In addition, we have a wide variety of e-books, resource databases and academic streaming services to help your research for assignments and dissertations.

All of these resources are easily found via the library homepage on the intranet.

In our libraries, Martial Rose Library (King Alfred Quarter) and West Downs (West Downs Quarter) there are many different study opportunities; quiet areas and silent areas to study in, bookable PCs, and individual workstations where you can bring your own laptop. There are also Assistive Technology rooms with specialist software and equipment and Postgraduate Research Study room.

Printing, photocopying and scanning

Our printers are multifunctional machines that can photocopy and scan. Please ask for directions to them when in the building.


Students and staff

All students, academic staff and support staff are automatically members of the library and can use their University card to borrow our materials and use our services. The library has a range of services and facilities to support study, teaching and research:



OneSearch is the library’s discovery service via which you can search across not only the physical collections in our libraries but will also give our students and staff access to eBooks, eJournals and articles drawn from our vast array of online resources.

Access OneSearch

Online resources

In addition to those resources accessible via OneSearch, the library also has extensive access to online resources providing a range of text and media content. For each course area we have a number of subject specific resources and tools which will support students with their learning and development. These are detailed on the Subject Guide pages of the Library’s Intranet Site.


Borrowing from the library

All students, academic staff and support staff are able to borrow items from the library.

How do I get a library card?

Your university I.D. card is also your library card and it will be issued to you when you enrol at the start of your course or at the beginning of your employment with us. You will need to have your university I.D. card with you if you wish to borrow any items from the library. If at any time your card is lost or stolen you will need to contact the IT Helpdesk to arrange for a new card to be issued to you.

How long can I borrow an item for?

Items in the library have different loan periods depending on how much demand there is for the item. The loan categories are 4-week loan, 7-day loan, 3-day loan, 4-hour loan and reference.

Reference items are for use in the library only.

How many items can I borrow?

Students may borrow:

15 x standard (4 week) loans
8 x 7-day loans
4 x 3-day loans or 4-hour loans

Staff may borrow:

25 x standard (4 week) loans
8 x 7-day loans
4 x 3-day loans or 4-hour loans

How can I check my library account?

You can check your library account at any time online. Access our library catalogue through the website, select 'my account' from the tab menu at the top of the page and enter your borrower number (this is the number on the reverse of your card below the barcode, omitting any dashes). This will take you to your account and will display what items you currently have on loan, when these items are due for return and any outstanding fines that you may have. You can also check your library account by selecting 'Account' on the Self-issue kiosks.

How can I renew my items?

You can renew any standard (4-week) loan or 7-day loan item as long as it has not been reserved by another user. To renew an item, log in to your library account and check the boxes alongside the item(s) you wish to renew. Select the renew button at the bottom of the page and wait for the confirmation page to load. If another user has reserved your item(s) it will not be renewed. If your items do not automatically renew through your account as requested, please contact the library either by phone or by email. If your books are not renewed or returned before the due date you may incur charges. You can also renew items on your account by selecting 'Account' on the Self-issue kiosks.

Please note that 3-day loans and 4 hour loans cannot be renewed during termtime under any circumstances. Failure to return these high demand items will result in fines being incurred.

How can I reserve items?

Any standard (4-week) loan or 7-day loan item can be reserved if all available copies are currently on loan. To reserve an item, log in to your library account on the catalogue, search for the item and select 'request' on the item's record. You will be taken to a reservation page. Input a 'last useful' date (e.g. your assignment deadline) and click request. If you are not automatically taken to a confirmation page please contact the library either by phone or by email.

Please note that you can only place a reservation on 4-week loan and 7-day loan items. You can only reserve an item if all available 4-week loan and 7-day loan copies are currently unavailable.

Why are my items being recalled?

If the items that you have borrowed are reserved by another user the items will be recalled from you. You will receive email notification of which items are being recalled and you will not be able to renew the item for any longer than the original due date. Please return the item to us as soon as you have finished with it so that it may be passed on to the next user.

Lost, damaged or stolen items

When items are issued to you, you are accepting responsibility for them. If any items are lost, stolen or damaged whilst they are issued to you, you will be liable for the cost of replacement. For these reasons we strongly advise against borrowing items on behalf of others.

Self-issuing and returning items

Items (including almost everything in School Resources!) can be issued at any time using the Self-issue kiosks located near the entrance to the library and in the School Resource Centre. Select 'Borrow', scan your University ID card and place items in the hole. Please make sure all items have been issued before removing them by checking the screen. Books, DVDs and CDs can be returned using the Returns machine on the top floor of the Library. Non-book items from the School Resources collection should be returned using the kiosk in School resources and put on the trolley or in the Returns Bin.  The kiosks also give receipts showing what has been issued and returned. Please ask for a demonstration or assistance at the Library Desk.

Rules and regulations for library use

As with all University facilities, there are rules and regulations relating to conduct within the library and use of library materials. These rules must be adhered to at all times.

Noise in the library

The Library has Quiet and Silent Study Zones, the School Resources Centre and Study Rooms can be used for group work. However, please be aware that these areas are not soundproof and that too much noise can be distracting for other Library Users. 

Other study areas suitable for group work are provided elsewhere on the campus (Cyber Italia and Learning Cafe).

Mobile phones in the library

The use of mobile phones for calling purposes in the library is limited to quiet study areas away from the central staircase. Use of mobile phones in or near Silent Study areas is strictly prohibited. Phones must be turned onto silent mode at all times when in the building and users must move to a quiet study area before receiving or making any calls. Text messaging is permitted in the building, but only if the phone is in silent mode.

Food and drink in the library

Hot and cold drinks with lids are permitted in the Library. Cold food can be consumed in quiet study areas, but not hot or smelly food. Please use bins around the building to dispose of rubbish and be careful not to damage to books and electrical equipment. Any mess or spillages should be reported to a member of staff.

Library fines

The library has a fining system for overdue books. Please check your Receipt or Library Account for due dates. The Library sends e-mail reminders before and after this date.  If your book runs overdue you will incur charges as follows:

Standard (4-week) loan:
10p a day (max. £5)

7-day loan:
20p a day (max. £10)

3-day loan:
£1 a day (max £20)

4-hour loan:
50p an hour (max. £20)

Fines should be paid immediately, fines over a certain amount will prevent you borrowing. This will prevent you from borrowing items from us. Fines can be paid on the self-service kiosks using cash or a credit/debit card if fines over £2.00. Unpaid fines may also prevent you from attending graduation

We encourage all students to renew their books or return them to us in order to avoid incurring these charges. If you experience any difficulty renewing your items, contact the library either by phone or email. If there are extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from returning or renewing your items on time please contact the library immediately. These fines are in place to prevent valuable study materials from being kept from other users.

Distance and flexible learners

The library has a range of online services to support distance and flexible learners who live on mainland United Kingdom, outside the county of Hampshire or the Isle of Wight.

To use the online resources please log in to the University Intranet and visit the library's intranet pages by clicking on the 'Library' tab. You should be able to access the various resources to which we subscribe, including e-books and online articles. Please see the ‘Subject’ pages for your librarian’s recommendations.

The library has created guides on the following topics:

  • Finding resources for your assignment: where to start
  • Having problems accessing online resources? Trouble shooting...

The library participates in the SCONUL Access scheme, which may entitle you to borrow items from other participating university and public libraries. You can apply online. Not sure where your nearest public library is? Visit the findmylibrary website. For anyone based in and around London, the British Library is well worth a visit.

The School Resource Centre

The School Resources Centre (SRC) – located on the middle floor of the library – provides a wide variety of books and resources to help with planning and delivery of activities for children in the classroom. The collection is especially aimed at students following teacher training courses, but all students and staff are welcome to use it.

Alongside children’s fiction and information books we have multimedia, teaching packs, posters and active learning toys and artefacts. These resources are shelved together in a series of eight curriculum areas which relate to the whole range of the primary school curriculum and national guidelines. Additionally, we hold journals relating to child and school-centred topics. We also have a small reference children’s book archive containing facsimiles of early children’s fiction and textbooks.

We actively promote our collection by producing a range of value-added materials, such as booklists and displays.


The Martial Rose Library welcomes members of the public, staff, students and researchers from other institutions and anyone wishing to use the Sybil Campbell and Thorold and Lyttelton Collections.

Members of the public, former students and full-time undergraduates from other institutions are entitled to reference-only access to the library.

We ask that all visitors sign in at the Library desk on the top floor to obtain a pass each day.

The Sybil Campbell Collection reflects the entrance of women into higher education and into academic and professional life in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The Thorold and Lyttelton Collection is named after two local bishops whose personal libraries form its nucleus. The collection covers all aspects of theology and supports both the teaching and research of the University in this area.

Staff, students and researchers from other universities who have applied for SCONUL Access will be granted access to the library and borrowing rights if entitled. Please bring your University ID card, SCONUL access e-mail (or card, if you still have one) and a passport-sized photograph to the main library desk along with the SCONUL form 

Update from our SCONUL scheme partners 13/11/20: The SCONUL Access scheme is currently suspended

The current position
We are sorry to say that the SCONUL Access Scheme is suspended as a result of the current pandemic. This means that we cannot process new applications or renew applications, and that participating libraries are not accepting visitors from other libraries under the scheme. We are afraid that no exceptions are possible to this rule. This is because capacity within member libraries is severely restricted due to the need for social distancing. Universities, including university libraries, are required to abide by the relevant government guidelines and this means that it is not possible for libraries to facilitate external visitors in most cases.

Next steps
We remain fully committed to opening up the scheme again as soon as it is safe and practical to do so, and we are keeping this under regular review. Given the information currently available, we believe it to be unlikely that the scheme will return to full functioning this academic year (2020-21). We will be consulting member institutions on routes to reopening the scheme later this academic year.

Help in the meantime
In the meantime, our member libraries are doing all they can to ensure that their staff, researchers and students can access the books and journals they need during this difficult time, and scheme users wanting to use particular resources should speak to the library staff at their own institution who will be able to assist. Those wishing to access archives and special collections should do the same – staff at their home library will be able to provide advice and support on routes to access.

If you have any queries please contact the SCONUL website.


The library is committed to the University's accessibility policies. We aim to make the building and services accessible to all users. All comments and suggestions regarding the accessibility of our services are welcomed.

There are several designated disabled parking spaces in the King Alfred Quarter on Sparkford Road. Please contact Reception on 01962 841515. Parking is generally difficult here, so if you anticipate problems either with parking, or with entering and leaving the library, please contact the Enquiry Desk on 01962 827306 for advice.

The library's main entrance is situated on the same level as reception, opposite the chapel. The entrance has semi-automatic doors, but users with special needs may need assistance. There is also another entrance on the ground floor which is open from 9:00-17:00 during termtime. The Library has 3 floors with entrances on the top and ground floor. If you are unable to use the stairs there is a lift, suitable for wheelchairs, connecting all three floors. The Library has an Assistive Technology Room with assistive technology and a height adjustable table. There are also height-adjustable table in Study Rooms A and B and outside Study Room A. 

Disabled toilets are situated on all three floors, next to the lift. The ground floor changing space can be accessed at any time and has specialist equipment. 

Support for students with additional learning needs:

Please email or phone the library desk on 01962 827306.

Contact us 

Our staff are happy to help with any queries regarding the use of our services. The Martial Rose Library is located in the King Alfred Quarter.

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